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Unity Movement Year 2015: A Journey of Spiritual Discovery

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It is understood that many of us have questions about the Bible. The Bible is Unityís primary text book, and when studied from a metaphysical perspective, one will find that it is the story of humankindís generation, degeneration and regeneration. We are going to take a nine week period to do just that, and study one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible, The Book of Revelation.

This course of interpretation of the Book of Revelation is purely a metaphysical point of view. There will be some attempt to deal with the historical aspect of the book as that will give us a starting point to base our study. We shall deal with The Revelation on the basis of what appears to be the logical place it occupies in the overall metaphysical pattern of the Bible. The most important fact to keep in mind when dealing with an interpretation of Revelation is that no matter how fantastic or complex the language of the narrative becomes, it is really always talking about a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL SOUL, which would be any human being who has committed his life to the living of it according to the Truths revealed by Jesus Christ.

The class will be held on Wednesday nights from 7:00pm to 8:30pm beginning May 4th and going through June 29th here at Unity Church of Rochester. As everyone will have questions and comments, this will prove to be a most interesting class and we will attempt to cover as much information as we can in the nine weeks of the course.

It is recommended that you have the following books to assist you in your studies but if you are unable to locate a copy we can share:

  • Revelation: The Road to Overcoming by Charles A. Neal (check on Amazon.com)
  • The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary ($35.95 in our bookstore)
  • A Bible

WeekDateArchiveHomeworkDistributed Materials
104 MAY 2011Click here.
  • Bible: Revelation, Chapters 2-3
  • Neal Book: Through page 36
211 MAY 2011Click here.
318 MAY 2011Click here.
  • Bible: Revelation, Chapter 3:1-22
  • Neal Book: pp. 44-75
See above.
-25 MAY 2011No Class
401 JUN 2011No recording due to technical difficulties
  • Bible: Revelation, Chapters 4-5
  • Neal Book: Chapters 4-5
508 JUN 2011Click here.
  • Bible: Revelation, Chapter 6
  • Neal Book: pp 91-111
-15 JUN 2011No Class
622 JUN 2011Click here.
729 JUN 2011Click here.
806 JUL 2011Click here.
913 JUL 2011No link available from this class.
1020 JUL 2011
1127 JUL 2011Click here.
1203 AUG 2011Click here.
  • Bible: Revelation, Chapters 12-13
  • Neal Book: pp 140-163
-10 AUG 2011No Class
1317 AUG 2011Click here.
  • Bible: Revelation, Chapters 14
  • Neal Book: pp 164-167
1424 AUG 2011Click here.
  • Bible: Revelation, Chapters 15-17
  • Neal Book: pp 168-179
1531 AUG 2011Click here.
  • Bible: Revelation, Chapters 18
  • Neal Book: pp 180-184
1607 SEP 2011
  • Bible: Revelation, Chapters 19-20
  • Neal Book: pp 185-196
1714 SEP 2011Click here.
  • Bible: Revelation, Chapters 21-22
  • Neal Book: pp 197-212

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