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Dona Gilsdorf served at Unity Church of Royal Oak for thirteen years as YOU Sponsor and Youth Director. She also started a young adults' group there. Additionally, she was the first YOU/YAU Coordinator for the Great Lakes Unity Region.

Dona became a Licensed Unity Teacher in 1973.

She pioneered Unity Church of Rochester more than thirty years ago, starting it in 1972 in a joint venture between three churches and restarting it in 1974 as a study group and later satellite of Unity Church of Royal Oak. She was ordained in 1985 in a ceremony at Unity Church of Rochester.

Dona has been active in both the region and in the Association of Unity Churches. She has served as President of the Great Lakes Unity Region. She has also served on these Great Lakes Unity Region committees:

  • Expansion,
  • Chidren's Education,
  • Nominating,
  • Conference Program,
  • Scholarship,
  • Finance,
  • Conflict Management, and
  • Matching Funds.

Additionally, she has served on the following Association of Unity Churches committees:

  • Expansion,
  • Field Licensing,
  • YOU Research,
  • Young Adult Resource, and
  • YOU Task Force.

She currently serves on the License and Ordination Committee for the Urban Ministerial School in Detroit.


Licensed Unity Teachers

Bea Rogers became a Licensed Unity Teacher more than twenty years ago and was appointed the Minister's Assistant in the early 1990's. She was long active with our book room, Positive Pages, where she could often be found immediately after the Sunday service. She is now retired, but still shows up for service most Sundays.






Danielle Boes has been a member of Unity Church of Rochester since 2000. She has been active in the church in many areas, including giving Sunday Lessons and Youth Education. She obtained her license as a Licensed Unity Teacher in November of 2012.

Danielle says, “I consider Bea Rogers and Dona Gilsdorf as my Mentors and two of my closest friends.”

Danielle is currently facilitating the Tuesday Afternoon Study Group




Office Secretary

Sonya Brooks is Unity Church of Rochester’s office secretary.



PresidentSean Donovan
Vice PresidentSylvia Haikio
SecretaryDarlene Marks
TreasurerJudy Pietrowsky

Rick Swalley

Judy Weatherford

Linda Whitehead

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