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Lessons in Truth Class by Reverend Brian K. Griffin


"Lessons in Truth" by H. Emily Cady
As taught February 22-March 22nd

In the last decade of the nineteenth century, three little paperbound pamphlets were published. The pamphlets represented the first appearance in "book form" of a series of twelve lessons that had been printed serially in Unity Magazine. They were the forerunners of literally millions of copies of the book Lessons in Truth (H. Emilie Cady), which became (and still is) one of Unity's basic textbook.

Most of us have taken the class at some point in our Unity career. However, the person you are now has not been in the class. You will find that each time you go through the course you learn more about Unity and yourself. Each time, there is something new that will just seem to jump of the page and provide the “aha” moment that you need at that time. If you have never taken the opportunity to sit in on the class, now is your chance!

It is our pleasure to present this classic lesson using the format of today’s technology. Our Minister, Rev. Donna Gilsdorf along with Rev. Brian Griffin will offer the class; this will be an intensive using the internet with interactive media. Those who wish to attend the class in person are welcome to do so. The class will cover the core Unity teachings in five (5) sessions, each lasting 2 hrs. which will accommodate the Unity Worldwide Ministries bda Association of Unity Churches requirements for 10 credit hours.

Here is the revised schedule:

DateLessonPhoto or Link
22 FEB 20111 and 2
01 MAR 20113

08 MAR 20114 and 5

09 MAR 20116 and 7
15 MAR 20118, 9, and 10
16 APR 2011Summary and Chapters 11 and 12

Summary, Part 1
Summary, Part 2
Chapters 11 and 12

Classes were held at Unity Church of Rochester and through the Web.

This was the first on-line class we produced and there were several experimental phases. Because of this, all that was permanently captured was the very last class session, in which Reverend Griffin did summarize all previous sessions during the first two segments and then went on to cover the last chapters of the book.

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