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Our Website colors for the month are based on Charles Fillmore's Twelve Powers of Man:

Color for February: Pink
Power for February: Love
Twelve Powers Summary

Upcoming Special Events:
04 Mar 2018 01:00 PM Annual Membership Meeting
18 Mar 2018 12:30 PM Galloping Gourmet Restaurant Tour

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The Upcoming Week:
23 Feb 2018 11:00 AM AA/ALANON
25 Feb 2018 10:00 AM Discussion Group
25 Feb 2018 11:00 AM Sunday Lesson: Your Words Have Power
25 Feb 2018 11:00 AM Soloist: Annette Shamma
25 Feb 2018 11:00 AM Truth Classes for Children
25 Feb 2018 11:00 AM Uniteens and YOU
25 Feb 2018 11:00 AM Prosperity (Faith Bank) Sunday
25 Feb 2018 12:00 PM Fellowship
27 Feb 2018 01:00 PM Tuesday Afternoon Study Group
27 Feb 2018 08:00 PM AA/ALANON

Arts and Crafts Exhibit
During Fellowship on Sunday, February 18th

On Sunday, February 18th during fellowship, we will be displaying and celebrating our artistic gifts, that have been given to us by the Spirit.

Our church artists and crafters will be displaying their Art and Craft skills, in the Sunday School Room and Basement Hallway during fellowship. We invite all of our talented people to bring their art objects to church on Sunday for everyone to view and admire.

All submissions, from pottery to photography to embroidery and yarn goods, are welcome. Please bring your items to the Sunday school room, before church on the 18th.

Let us know what you will be bringing and what kind of display space you will need by contacting Karen Reese, whose contact information was in the January/February Wingspan.

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