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27 Oct 2019 12:45 PM Purge, Merge, and Splurge

10 Nov 2019 12:00 PM Soup and Spruce

Q. If I come to the service, how should I dress?

A. We don’t have a dress code, but it is a church, and not a night club. If you’re covered up enough that you probably won’t get arrested, you’re probably alright. Some of our members wear jeans and sweatshirts to service. On the other hand, there is no upper limit. If you want to wear formal dress to every service, feel free to break out the white tie and tails. Unless it is the day of Soup and Spruce or Service in the Park, our ushers and greeters will be dressed in semi-formal attire, but don’t let that scare you off.

Q. What should I expect?

A. We are a cozy church, and we think of ourselves as friendly. All are welcome. You will be offered a visitor packet on your first visit. People will probably try to talk to you. This is not a mega-church where you can be lost in the crowd. Our service will run about an hour. At the end, we gather in a circle, hold hands, and sing our peace song. If holding hands is not your thing, you might want to duck out after the offering or head down for fellowship a bit early. Most weeks, we have fellowship downstairs after the service. If you’re an early riser, you might want to come at 10:00 AM for our Sunday Discussion Group held downstairs in the fellowship room. No book or previous attendance is required.

Q. What is Unity?

A. Unity is part of the New Thought Movement that developed in the mid-to-late Eighteenth Century. Unity, specifically, was founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore in 1892. It was founded as Unity Tract Society, a religious publishing company. The Fillmores were ministers who were also leading Bible study groups for friends and neighbors, and while they had no intention of founding a new church, the members of their Bible study group asked them to also have Sunday services because their metaphysical approach to understanding the Bible and applying it in a practical way to daily life was unlike what people were receiving from their mainline churches. Unity developed from those roots and is now a world-wide movement. Unity also still publishes, including The Daily Word magazine.

Q. If I show up, will I wind up on your mailing list forever and have members of your church showing up at my door?

A. No. We’re pretty laid back about such things. If you want to sign up for our mailing list, you certainly can. We have a newsletter that is produced and sent out every two months, so six times per year. That can be sent by mail or by e-mail. The minister also sends out the occasional letter. And if you tell us your birthday, you’ll get a birthday card. As for church members coming to knock at your door, it’s not going to happen.

Q. Are you going to ask me for money? Will you ask me to fill out a tithe pledge?

A. All of our normal services and classes are presented on a love offering basis. The basket or pouches will be passed, and it is up to you whether and how much you contribute. There may be an occasional class or event where a fee is required, but that is the exception here. We do believe in tithing, but not in coercion. The church itself tithes from its incoming love offerings to support other ministries and ministerial students. We believe that giving helps open consciousness to receiving from all channels. We also believe that we should tithe where we receive our spiritual good. But where you decide to put your tithe is up to you. We certainly have never used pledges that you have to sign and commit to giving for the next year.

Q. Are you a Christian church?

A. Years ago a Unity minister was asked, “Do you believe in Jesus?” His reply was, “Not only do we believe in Jesus, but we believe what he said, too.” From there, it depends how one defines Christian and what one is looking for. Charles Fillmore referred to Unity as practical Christianity. We interpret the Bible metaphysically as every person’s spiritual journey. We do not see the stories therein as ancient history, but as states of consciousness and experiences that we all go through in our minds, often daily. Unity is Universalist, in the sense that we believe everyone is “saved.” We won’t be preaching hellfire and damnation. If that was your experience of Christianity, and you didn’t like it, give us a try. There is more about Unity and Unity Church of Rochester in the sections below.

If you have other questions, we’ll be happy to answer. Just give us a call at (248) 656-0120.

Our Mission Statement: Unity Church of Rochester is a center for worship, spiritual growth and prayer support based on the practical application of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision Statement: This church will be a continuing demonstration of all the spiritual principles. Our vision is to have a conveniently located, well equipped facility which is fully staffed and which serves to support the personal transformation of our congregation through the teachings of truth principles.

(Mk. 12:29)
We accept that there is only one presence and power, God the Good.
(Matt. 6:33)
We practice daily prayer and meditation to heighten our awareness of God, active in our lives.
(Matt. 5:14)
We let the love, wisdom, and power of God in us, express through us.
(James 5:12)
We apply Unity Principles and the Law of Mind Action by making and keeping our agreements in thought, word, and action.
(Mk. 12:31)
We seek to serve all people in a spirit of love by supporting them to claim natural health, wealth and joy.
(Matt. 5:48)
We commit to excellence in every aspect of our ministry, as we invite all people into spiritual maturity.

Unity Church of Rochester started as a study group on October 2, 1972. It was sponsored by Royal Oak Unity. The classes were taught by Dona Gilsdorf. The group flourished for a while but disbanded in 1973. It was during the same year that Dona would become a Licensed Unity Teacher.

In October of 1974, again under the sponsorship of Royal Oak Unity, Dona once again began teaching Unity classes in Rochester. Our first real home was an American Legion Hall. We became an official satellite group of Royal Oak Unity in January of 1977.

In September of 1980 we relocated to an office building at Rochester and Avon Road. It was here that we formed our first steering committee; Rochester had become our new home. We celebrated our first baptism there in 1981. In May of 1982 we welcomed our first members.

It was also in 1982 that we were incorporated by the State of Michigan and were accepted into the Association of Unity Churches. Now all we needed was a permanent home.

We moved into our present location at 1038 Harding on February 1, 1984. Exactly one month later, on March 1, 1984, we joyfully held our first Sunday service and have been blessed to be doing so ever since. Dona Gilsdorf remains our spiritual leader and was ordained as a minister in June of 1985.

Unity Church of Rochester is affililated with Unity School of Christianity, publishers of Daily Word, and is a member of the Association of Unity Churches.

This ministry is solely supported by your tithes and love offerings. Even though we are spiritually affiliated with Unity School of Christianity and the Association of Unity Churches, we do not receive any financial support from either of them. As a ministry, we practice the laws of tithing by supporting Unity School of Christianity and the Association of Unity Churches, so that the TRUTH that UNITY teaches can continue to be spread throughout the world. We appreciate your continued tithes and love offerings for they make it possible to maintain Unity Church of Rochester as a center where all might have the opportunity to experience TRUTH from the UNITY point of view. We also appreciate the love for one's fellow human, and the TRUTH that is demonstrated by including Unity Church of Rochester in your will. This act of love multiples so that it touches the lives of many.

  1. We believe in God, the one and only omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Spirit-mind.

  2. We believe in Christ, the Son of God, in whom is imaged the ideal creation, with perfect man on the throne of dominion.

  3. We believe in Christ Jesus, the Son of God made manifest in Jesus of Nazareth, who overcame death, and who is now with us in His perfect body as the Way-shower in regeneration for all men.

  4. We believe in the Holy Spirit, which baptizes the universe and man with the thoughts of God and perpetually establishes the divine law in all manifestation.

  5. We believe in the supremacy and the eternity of good, as the one and only objective of man and of all things visible and invisible.

  6. We believe in the twelve disciples, the twelve powers of man, going forth into mind and body and authority to teach, preach, heal and wholly save man and the world from sin, sickness and death.

  7. We believe that "God is spirit" as Jesus taught, and that all of His Spirit is with us at all times, supplying every need.

  8. We believe that divine intelligence is present in every atom of man and matter, and that the more abundant life, which Jesus promised, is flooding the world and quickening the minds and bodies of men everywhere.

  9. We believe that the original authority and dominion given to man was over his own thoughts, emotions, feelings and passions, and that, in the lawful exercise of this authority, he will harmonize all discords within and without and restore the kingdom of God on the earth.

  10. We believe in the creative power of thoughts and words; that they do accomplish that whereto they are sent and that all men are held accountable for even their lightest words.

  11. We believe that through indulgence in sense consciousness men fell into the belief in the reality of matter and material conditions. We believe that the "kingdom of God" can be attained here and now by overcoming the world, the flesh, and the adversary through Jesus Christ.

  12. We believe in the at-one-ment that Jesus re-established between God and man, and that through Jesus we can regain our original estate as sons of God.

  13. We believe that the prayer of faith will save the sick, resurrect the body from trespasses and sins, and finally over-come the last enemy, death.

  14. We believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is alive and in the world today. We believe that the more abundant life, which Jesus promised, is poured into the race stream as a vitalizing energy, and that, when accepted in faith, it purifies the life-flow in our bodies and makes us immune to all diseased thoughts and germs.

  15. We believe that sense consciousness may be lifted up "as Moses lifted the serpent in the wilderness" and that all men be again restored to paradise through faith, understanding and practice of the divine law, as Jesus Christ taught and demonstrated.

  16. We believe that creative Mind, God, is masculine and feminine, and that these attributes of Being are fundamental in both natural and spiritual man. "And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him: male and female created he them."

  17. We believe that we live, move and have our being in God-Mind; also that God-Mind lives, moves and has being in us, to the extent of our consciousness.

  18. We believe that the body of man is the highest-formed manifestation of creative Mind and that it is capable of unlimited expression of that Mind. "Know ye not that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?"

  19. We believe that with conscious union with Jesus in the regeneration man can transform his body and make it perpetually healthy, therefore immortal, and that he can attain eternal life in this way and in no other way.

  20. We believe that the blood of Jesus represents eternal life; that the body of Jesus represents incorruptible substance. We believe that these are original elements in Being and that they can be appropriated by all who, through faith and understanding, attain the Christ standard of spirituality.

  21. We believe that spirit, soul and body are a unit, and that any sepration of these three is transgression of the divine law. We believe that the death that came into the world through the Adamic man resulted in body dissolution and that the restoration of the lost Eden is already begun, in the demonstration other the death of the body, as shown in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  22. We believe that the dissolution of spirit, soul, and body, caused by death is annulled by rebirth of the same spirit and soul in another body here on earth. We believe the repeated incarnations of man to be a merciful provision of our loving Father to the end that all may have the opportunity to attain immortality through regeneration, as did Jesus. "This corruptible must put on incorruption."

  23. We believe that the kingdom of heaven or harmony is within man and that through man the law and order existing in Divine Mind are to be established on the earth.

  24. We believe that the "second coming" of Jesus Christ is now being fulfilled; that his Spirit is quickening the whole world. "For as the lightning cometh forth from the east, and is seen even unto the west; so shall be the coming of the Son of man." "Watch therefore; for ye know not on what day your Lord cometh."

  25. We believe that the Golden Rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" should be the standard of action among men.

  26. We believe that Jehovah God is incarnate in Jesus Christ and that all men may attain the Christ perfection by living the righteous life. "Ye therefore shall be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect."

  27. We believe that the Word of God is the thought of God expressed in creative ideas and that these ideas are the primal attributes of all enduring entities in the universe, visible and invisible. The Logos of the first chapter of the Gospel of John is the God idea or Christ that produced Jesus, the perfect man. We believe that the Scriptures are the testimonials of men who have in a measure apprehended the divine Logos but that their writings should not be taken as final.

  28. We believe in the final resurrection of the body through Christ. We believe that we do free our minds and resurrect our bodies by true thoughts and words and that this resurrection is being carried forward daily and will ultimate in a final purification of the body from all earthly errors. Through this process we shall be raised to the consciousness of continuous health and eternal life here and now, following Jesus Christ in the regeneration or "new birth."

  29. We believe all the doctrines of Christianity spiritually interpreted.

  30. Almighty Father-Mother, we thank Thee for this vision of Thine omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence in us and in all that we think and do, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Unity was founded in the late nineteenth century by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore in Kansas City, Missouri. More information can be found at the following links on the Unity.org site: The History of Unity and What We Believe

Unity is a Christian church. We study the teachings of Jesus the Christ and we believe in the Trinity. The cross and its meaning are accepted in Unity and you'll see this common Christian symbol from time to time. However, Charles Fillmore came to believe that an Egyptian symbol better stood for the principles or teachings of Jesus which Unity emphasizes. The "winged disc" or "winged globe" that you see in the sanctuary and elsewhere represents the whole of mankind being lifted up or raised in consciousness above earthly appearance or condition...to a spiritual realization of the Christ within. This symbol was adopted by the Unity School of Christianity and was their symbol for over a century. One can still find various versions of it at Unity Village and Unity churches around the world.

Old Unity Wings

Another symbol seen in Unity centers is the circle with a dove in flight. This symbol's meaning is close to that of the winged globe. It represents the spiritual freedom one experiences when one discovers the Truth, as Jesus taught it. It was the logo of the Association of Unity Churches. The Association was an organization separate and distinct from Unity School. It was the field administration organization that supports and assists Unity centers, and their ministers, all over the world. The symbol you see below is unique to Unity Church of Rochester and was designed for us by Ruth Nutting.

Unity Church of Rochester Bird

The Unity movement has more recently adopted a new logo devised by a marketing consultant. When asked about its meaning the consultant said, “It means absolutely nothing and in time will mean absolutely everything.” As of this writing, Unity Church of Rochester has not yet adopted the new symbol.

Unity Church of Rochester
1038 Harding Ave,
Rochester Hills, MI 48307-2512.

Office phone: (248) 656-0120.
Dial-a-Prayer: (248) 656-0121.
Sunday Service 11:00 AM
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